The installation process. Each product is custom-made to customer specifications. This ensures that our products are manufactured in such a way that they perfectly fit your object.
Advantage. The developed drawings take into account every detail from the general terrain, the specifics of structures to the angles and lengths of specific sections. Our team covers everything with attention, down to the smallest detail. Thanks to such exact specifications, our team can greatly help those who install our product, sharing all parts of the project, be it individual balconies, buildings or areas of terrain. The product you receive from Almet will be ready for installation right out of the package, and it will be manufactured to the highest quality standards.
Manufacturing process. For the creation of finished products, the production group uses pre-designed drawings. Thereby, installation is greatly simplified by providing products with precise proportions of the working platform.
Versatility. Do you have an unusual idea for your fence system, but do not know how to implement it? Our team of highly qualified engineers will help with the implementation of your ideas. Thanks to modular solutions, our products can be adapted to any of your ideas.