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Art casting that meets up-to-date requirements for manufacturing quality.

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Full range of art casting

We specialize on ornamental casting and ironwork producing railings, fences, lampposts, gazebos, litter-boxes and other accessories designed for both interiors and exteriors of offices, banks and private villas. The beauty and elegance of our company’s products will please the customers for a long time.

Personal assurances to our customers.

Product quality depends on the unique and innovative painting method that we follow in our production.


Processing metal in chemical baths and using environmentally friendly products enables our customers to enjoy our products almost forever.

Operational efficiency

Prompt processing of information from customers allows us to quickly produce a product in the shortest possible time.

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Window gratings
Garbage bin

Advanced technology at every stage of product development

01 Sketch

At first, preliminary sketches of the future model are made. Then, their technical solution is developed taking into account aesthetic requirements, structural aspects, as well as production technology, thus avoiding unnecessary labor costs and excessive financial investments.

02 Model

Then, according to the previously approved sketch, a three-dimensional model is built, that is, milled in several successive stages on high-precision and high-speed Italian 3D CNC machines, and mold patterns are produced.

03 Production

Milled models are directed to the casting shop, where they are molded using German equipment, and then they are smelted under pressure from a special grade of duraluminum. Finished forms are directed for assembly, degreasing and painting.

04 Laboratory

The products undergo a number of different tests in special laboratory conditions: coating control, control of physical and mechanical properties of the coating, and the quality of coating under the influence of various media. Quality control of products’ machining and coating is carried out by Henk

05 Painting

After degreasing, products are painted with powder paint in an automatic mode using an eight-headed robot, after which the products are dried out in the curing oven at a temperature of 180-200°C.

Key advantages and features of ALMET products 6
  • Quality

  • Durability

  • Minimum service

  • Value

  • Elegant beauty

  • Budget savings


ALMET products are made of high quality aluminum alloy by qualified professionals and meet the highest workmanship standards.


A three-year anti-cracking and chipping warranty is provided for all our products finishing. Our powder coated products do not require painting. They will not rot or corrode even in coastal regions with high humidity level.

Minimum service

Products of the highest quality provide years of operation with minimum service on your part, with coating free from deformation or cracking. Our standard finishing is sintered powder coating according to technical standards.


ALMET offers an excellent quality at a competitive price, making us an ideal partner for an architect, contractor or property owner with a limited budget.

Elegant beauty

ALMET products will complement and improve the exterior of any type of building (residential, commercial or industrial) without changing its general style.

Budget savings

Although steel and reinforced concrete systems can cost less than aluminum ones, they quickly begin to rust which impairs the product appearance and increases its maintenance costs.

Get an estimate of your individual project
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Individual approach

Our company exercises a customized approach to each client, regardless of the volume and complexity of the order.

You can get a cost estimate according to your unique drawing or photo of the product.

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With decades of functional experience in the ornamental casting and ironwork industry, ALMET provides non-standard solutions for developing new ideas and achieving tangible results through a combination of innovation, business know-how and economic efficiency. ALMET is constantly developing in the field of aluminum, improving services and products, offering comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of modern construction and improve the quality of life, creating trustful and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and business partners.

  • Trusted products. ALMET product lines are constantly being improved. Purchasing our products, you can be sure that you get the best deal on the market.
  • Exceptional customer service. A key component that distinguishes ALMET from other companies is our perfect customer service. We are committed to your satisfaction at every stage: from concept development and product selection to its production and completion of the order. This means that you can sure of the quality and craftsmanship you receive.
  • Excellent difference. Unlike most, out of many aluminum options, Almet uses a team of engineers to create drawings for each project. These drawings are executed at the time of manufacture to create a railing system that provides the perfect fit of your project and makes installation simple and efficient.
  • Security. Our aluminum products comply with local and national construction codes. 
  • Almet has been functioning since 1964, and is a leading company in this area today. You can be sure that the service you receive from us stands alone, since decades of experience is the evidence of our dedication to work. 
  • Made in Azerbaijan. Products are manufactured and assembled at our production facility, located outside the city of Baku – in Buzovna. 

Azerbaijan, Baku, Khazar region,

Buzovna set. Qesebe str./24, AZ1090 Baku