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About the Company

ALMET has been operating as a plant since the 60s of the previous century and used to produce household goods. Now, it presents to your attention ornamental casting and ironwork products under the trademark of ALMET Azerbaijan, which has been produced since 2000 and is represented not only in Azerbaijan market, but is also exported.

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Aluminum products comply with local, national and European construction codes and requirements.

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A key component that distinguishes ALMET from other companies is our perfect customer service.

How does a production company ALMET

The processability, unique ideas and passion give rise to products ALMET

Quality control

Upon receipt of aluminum ingots for production, the composition of metal is checked by laboratory analysis. In addition, there is a spectrometer. The spectral analysis of metal allows determining the composition of each metal lot.

3D workpieces

3D models are made at the model site according to preliminary developments, after which the work pieces are milled using high-precision and high-speed Italian 3D CNC machines.

Casting and molding

3D workpieces are forwarded to the casting site, where they are molded in German molding machines and then smelted under pressure from aluminum in a special furnace.

Product assembly

The received molds are forwarded to the assembly department, where they are sorted and assembled into finished products of certain sizes according to the order.

Degreasing and painting

Degreasing is carried out by dipping into baths with the usage of high-quality raw materials from Henkel, which is also environmentally friendly. The painting of products is performed with powder paint in an automatic mode, after which the products are dried out in a curing oven at a temperature of 180-200°C. Automated painting lines make it possible to easily carry out your orders, as well as participate in various tenders.

Top Coating

One of the main indicators of high quality is the top coat. Using powder paints require a properly adjusted production process consisting of many operations. For the continuous process, it is necessary to strictly follow the quality management program. We control everything from raw materials to finished products, and a staff member of the Quality Control Department (QCD) is involved in this process.