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Artistic casting, which meets modern production quality requirements

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A full range of artistic casting

We are engaged in artistic and decorative cast railings, fences, lampposts,gazebos, urns and other accessories, are designed for both interiors and exteriors of offices, banks and private villas. Products made by our company for a long time will delight buyers with its beauty and elegance.

Personal assurances to our customers.

The quality of the products depends on the unique and innovative method of painting which we adhere to in our production


Processing of metal in a chemical bath with the use of environmentally friendly products allows customers to enjoy our products for almost eternity


Operative processing of information from customers makes it possible to make the product as quickly as possible in the shortest possible time

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Gates & doors
Window lattice

Advanced technology at every stage of product design

01 Sketch

Preliminary, variants of future model sketches are drawn, their solution is being developed, respecting the requirements of aesthetic, constructive aspects, and also production technology that allows to avoid excessive labor costs and excessive financial investments.

02 Model

Then a 3D model is built according to the previously approved sketch, which is printed in layers by high-precision and high-speed Italian 3D CNC machines, made model tooling.

03 Production

Models get to the casting area of products from a special grade of duraluminum, melted in a furnace with further molding on German molding machines, a so-pressurized same machines, and machine under pressure. Ready-made forms are sent for assembly, degreasing and painting.

04 Laboratory

In special laboratory conditions a number of different product tests are carried out:Control coating appearance,Physical and mechanical properties of coatings,Coating quality under exposure to various environments.Quality control of processing and coating of products is carried out in "Henkel Rus"

05 Painting

After degreasing procedure, painting of products is carried out with powder paint in automatic mode using an eight-headed robot, after which the products are dried in a polymerization oven at a temperature of 180-200 °.

The key benefits and osobennostei products ALMET 6
  • Quality

  • Durability

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Value

  • Elegant Beauty

  • Budget


ALMET products are made of high-quality aluminum alloy by qualified craftsmen who meet the highest quality manufacturing standards.


Painted finish on all products manufactured by our company is guaranteed for three years against cracking, chipping or cracking. Our powder coated products do not require sanding or painting. They will not rot or rust, even in coastal

Minimal maintenance

Products of the highest quality provide years with a minimum level of service, without deforming or cracking the coating. Our standard finish is baked powder coating according to technical standards. This means that you will save on re


ALMET offers excellent quality at a competitive price, which makes us ideal for a budget architect, contractor or property owner.

Elegant Beauty

ALMET will complement and improve the appearance of any building - residential, commercial or industrial application, without distracting from their common architectural forms and style.


Although steel and reinforced concrete systems can cost less than aluminum, they quickly begin to rust, which impairs the appearance of the product and increases maintenance costs for repair and repainting.

Get an estimate of your individual project
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Individual approach

We have positioned a personal approach to each client regardless of the size and complexity of the order.

You can get estimation on your unique drawing, or photograph of the product.

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